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Support for Faculty

A curricular shift of this degree requires a lot of time and resources, especially for faculty, but we are here to help! Faculty Navigators can help you plan your course's transition to the Common Curriculum. Our Assessment Fellow can ensure that your learning objectives are assessible. We also have a number of templates for your use.

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Support for Advisors

Staff and advisor support will be critical for student success as UConn transitions from its current General Education system to the new Common Curriculum. Your knowledge and guidance is needed to help students navigate these changes, so it is our job to help make you an expert in the Common Curriculum!

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Support for Students

We know that students don't always enjoy taking their non-Major classes, but we're hoping to change that with this exciting new curriculum, available to students entering in Fall 2025. The Common Curriculum emphasizes student choice, and we're hoping you will use this opportunity to explore areas and develop skills outside your comfort zone.

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