Course Substitutions

Only the Dean or the designee of the Dean for each school or college may approve a course substitution.  The CCC does not approve course substitutions. Each school and college has their own procedure for processing these requests. Please click the links below for information about your school or college’s course substitution procedures:

College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
School of Business
School of Engineering
School of Fine Arts
School of Pharmacy – Please contact Megan Delaney
School of Nursing – Please contact Lindsay Darcy or Catherine Grosso
Neag School of Education – Please contact Ann Traynor

PLEASE NOTE: The Common Curriculum Committee (CCC) reviews and approves courses for Common Curriculum (CC) designations (Topics of Inquiry and Competencies) at the request of departments and unit.  The CCC does not pro-actively select which courses will be considered for CC status.  This means that CCC cannot consider courses for CC status at the request of a student, nor can it approve CC course substitutions.  Only individual departments and their deans can do this.