Entry and Exit Expectations for W

Entry Expectations:

1. First Year Writing placement options for first year students at the University of Connecticut will vary depending upon their incoming qualifications.

Honors: If offered, Honors Students may choose ENGL 2011, a three-credit seminar taught by full-time faculty, to fulfill the First Year Writing requirement. (Please note that this option is being phased out. Moving forward, Honors students should take an Honors section of ENGL 1007.)

SAT Placement Scores: 
Please consult the First-Year Writing Placement Guidelines page for the most current placement score cut-offs. Note that there is no pre-class appeal if a student is placed in ENGL 1004. Student writing is evaluated after the first week of the term. In rare cases it is possible, based on that writing and with the approval of the Director of First Year Writing, for a student to be moved into an ENGL 1007, 1010, or 1011 section.

Connecticut Community College Transfer Students:
There is an articulation agreement with each community college that prescribes which two, three-credit community college courses fulfill UConn’s First Year Writing requirement, usually ENG 101 and 102. Four of these six credits count toward the four-credit First Year Writing requirement (ENGL 1010); the other two credits come in as elective.

Transfer students from other Connecticut colleges and from out-of-state:
These students are assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Dean (or their designee) of their school or college. Please consult your advisor for directions on how to request a course substitution. Please note that substitutions for W courses are rare, as courses must fulfill all W criteria and are at the discretion of the school and college Deans or their designees.

Exit Expectations:

1. All students must take either ENGL 1007, 1010, 1011, or 2011. Students with Advanced Placement English scores of 4 or  5 are exempted from the ENGL 1007/1010/1011/2011 requirement.

2. Additionally, all students must take two writing-intensive courses, one of which must be approved for the student’s major (see Departmental Responsibility above). These courses may also satisfy other Content Area requirements. (Note: ENGL 1007/1010/1011/2011 are a prerequisite to all writing-intensive courses.)

3. A writing-intensive course approved for the student’s major does not have any credit-hour restriction, but it is to be at the 2000+level.