Intensive Session Offerings

In order to ensure that courses are retaining sufficient TOI-related content when they are offered in sessions of four weeks or less, Common Curriculum courses must seek special approval for offering in Intensive Sessions (usually Winter and May terms). After Winter 2025, all previously approved General Education courses with Content Areas (CA) will lose their approval status and must seek re-approval if they plan to transition to TOIs. The process for this approval has been built into the current migration plan.

To have your course considered for Intensive Session offering when it migrates from the CAs to the TOIs, be sure to include your condensed Intensive Session version of the syllabus along with the regular syllabus when your department returns their course migration spreadsheet and materials.

A list of currently approved Intensive Session courses under General Education for CAs can be found on our old GEOC site.

A list of approved Intensive Session courses in the Common Curriculum will be posted below when it is is available in Spring 2024.