Faculty Navigators

What is a Faculty Navigator?

The process of revising existing courses and developing new courses will be facilitated by Faculty Navigators who were selected based both on their knowledge of schools and colleges and their knowledge of specific TOIs. Faculty Navigators are full-time faculty teaching in undergraduate curricula, and they have been tasked with the following:

  • Guide, inform, and facilitate Common Curriculum course design and implementation within the respective schools and colleges
  • Design and facilitate faculty and course development activities
  • Provide curriculum development resources and guidance to faculty and departments/units/schools/colleges
  • Encourage and stimulate creative thinking about course revision and creation consistent with the spirit of the Common Curriculum
  • Monitor progress during the development phase of the implementation and provide feedback to CCC+ and Senate C&C
  • Liaise with faculty, departmental and college C&C committees, CCC+, and Senate C&C

Faculty Navigators do not serve as gatekeepers, and they will not add an additional layer of curriculum oversight prior to submission to CCC+. Their role is advisory, providing support and resources and facilitating communication. CCC+ will have discretion to (re)assign Navigators depending on the needs of supporting university-wide curriculum reform.

Meet the 2023-2024 Faculty Navigators

Have questions about the Common Curriculum? Need help transitioning your General Education courses to the Common Curriculum or need help creating new courses? We can assign a Faculty Navigator to help you out! Please email Karen McDermott to be connected with a Faculty Navigator who can assist you.

Please note that some Navigators have been pre-assigned to certain areas or departments. Some Navigators are also working during the summer while others will begin in the Fall. In order to make sure you are connected with the best Navigator for your needs, please email Karen McDermott with the CCC+ rather than trying to reach out directly to the Navigators. Karen can then help facilitate connections so that any one Navigator is not overloaded. Navigators are able to work across departments, unit, schools, and colleges, so don't worry if you don't see someone from your area. We've got you covered!

2023-2024 Faculty Navigators

Ariana Codr (CLAS) Oliver Hiob-Bansal (CLAS) Erin Scanlon (CLAS)
Dwight Codr (CLAS) Andy Jolly-Ballantine (CLAS) Brad Simpson (CLAS)
Michelle Cole (School of NURS) Jessica Malek (CAHNR) Stephanie Singe (CAHNR)
Bob Day (School of BUSN) Nan Meng (CLAS) Diego Valente (CLAS)
Lori Gresham (CLAS Stamford) Jorge Paricio Garcia (School of ENGR) Rogerio Victer (School of BUSN Stamford)
Frank Griggs (CLAS Avery Point) Ricardo Raul Salazar-Rey (CLAS)