Dialogue Competency

In recent years UConn has developed University-wide programs and events related to fostering dialogue among different people and points of view. Their values have become infused in many parts of our lives together.

To prepare students adequately for leadership and global citizenship, we provide opportunities to experience, learn, practice, and integrate dialogue as a core component of their higher education.

Like writing, quantitative skills, second language proficiency, and information, digital, and media literacies, dialogue is a foundational competency which is necessary to all fields of knowledge and essential to individual and social development. Among these core competencies, dialogue is unique as necessarily collaborative and deeply relational, making it an essential competency for democratic life.

Opportunities to integrate dialogue into the Core Curriculum for Leadership and Global Citizenship include ensuring clear articulation of dialogic learning goals and objectives across the six designated Topic of Inquiry.

Sample course objectives related to Dialogue Competencies have been infused throughout the six Topics of Inquiry.