Current Courses Approved for TOIs

Course Number Title and TOIs
AH 2330/5330 Italy’s Mediterranean Food and Our Health [CA4-I to TOI-2]
AMST 1201 Introduction to American Studies [CA4 to TOI-2, TOI-3]
AMST 1700 Honors Core: American Landscapes [CA1 to TOI-2, TOI-4]
ANSC/NUSC 1645 The Science of Food [CA3 to TOI-6]
ANTH 1000/W Peoples and Cultures of the World [CA2, CA4-I to TOI-2, TOI-5]
ANTH 2600 Honors Core: Microscopy in Applied Archaeobotany Research [CA3L to TOI-6L]
ANTH 3150W Migration [CA4 to TOI-2, TOI-3]
ARE 1150 Principles of Applied and Resource Economics [CA2 to TOI-5]
ART 1000 Art Appreciation [CA1 to TOI-1, TOI-2]
ARTH 1141 From Sun Gods to Lowriders: Introduction to Latin American Art [CA1, CA4-I to TOI-2, TOI-3]
ARTH 2222 Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the Power of Looking [CA1, CA4 to TOI-2, TOI-3]
BIOL 1102 Foundations of Biology [CA3L to TOI-6L]
BIOL 1108 Principles of Biology II [CA3L to TOI-6L]
BIOL 1110 Introduction to Botany [CA3L to TOI-6L]
CAMS 1103 Classical Mythology [CA1 to TOI-2]
COGS 2201 Foundations of Cognitive Science [CA3 to TOI-6]
COMM 1000 The Process of Communication [CA2 to TOI-2, TOI-5]
DMD 2020 Design Thinking [CA1 to TOI-1]
EDCI 1100 If You Love It, Teach It [CA2 to TOI-5]
EDLR 2001 Contemporary Social Issues in Sport [CA4 to TOI-3]
EEB 2100E Global Change Ecology [CA3, EL to TOI-4, TOI-6]
EEB 2202 Evolution and Human Diversity [CA3, CA4I to TOI-6]
EEB 2208E Introduction to Conservation Biology [CA3, EL to TOI-4, TOI-6]
EEB 2222E Plants in a Changing World [CA3, EL to TOI-4, TOI-6]
EEB 2250 Introduction to Plant Physiology [CA3 to TOI-6]
ENGL 1401 Horror [CA1 to TOI-1, TOI-2]
ENGL 2055WE Writing, Rhetoric, and Environment [EL to TOI-1, TOI-4]
ENGL 2405 Drama [CA1 to TOI-1, TOI-2]
ENGL 2409 The Modern Novel [CA1 to TOI-1, TOI-2]
ENGL 2635E Literature and the Environment [CA1, EL to TOI-4, TOI-5]
ENVE 1000E Environmental Sustainability [CA2, EL to TOI-4, TOI-5]
EPSY 1450W Mind, Body, Health [CA2, W to TOI-1, TOI-3]
EPSY 1830 Critical and Creative Thinking in the Movies [CA2 to TOI-1]
EPSY 2810 Creativity: Debunking Myths and Enhancing Innovation [CA2 to TOI-1]
ERTH 1000E The Human Epoch: Living in the Anthropocene [CA3, EL to TOI-4, TOI-6]
ERTH 1055 Geoscience and the American Landscape [CA3 to TOI-6]
ERTH 2800 Our Evolving Atmosphere [CA3 to TOI-4, TOI-6]
ERTH/GEOG 1070 Natural Disasters and Environmental Change [CA3 to TOI-4, TOI-6]
ERTH/GEOG 2310E Creating and Sustaining National Parks [EL to TOI-4]
EVST 1000E Introduction to Environmental Studies [CA2, EL to TOI-4, TOI-5]
GEOG 3350E Global Change, Local Action: A Geography of Environmentalism [EL to TOI-4]
HDFS 1060 Close Relationships Across the Lifespan [CA2 to TOI-5]
HDFS 1070 Individual and Family Development (CA2 to TOI-5]
HDFS 2142E Exploring Conservation and Sustainability with Preschoolers [CA2, EL to TOI-4]
HDFS 3540 Child Welfare, Law and Social Policy [CA2 to TOI-5]
HDFS/DMD 2620 Human Development, Digital Media, and Technology [CA2, CA4 to TOI-5]
HIST/AMST 3542E New England Environmental History [EL to TOI-2, TOI-4]
JOUR 3046E Environmental Journalism [EL to TOI-4]
KINS 2227 Exercise Prescription [CA3 to TOI-6]
MARN 1002E/1003E Introduction to Oceanography [CA3/L, EL to TOI-4, TOI-6/L]
MARN 2801WE Marine Sciences and Society [EL to TOI-4]
MAST 2300E Marine Environmental Policy [EL to TOI-4, TOI-5]
MAST/HIST 2210E History of the Ocean [CA1, EL to TOI-2, TOI-4]
MAST/HIST/LLAS 2507 New England and the Caribbean Plantation Complex, 1650-1900 [CA1, CA4 to TOI-2, TOI-5]
MAST/POLS 2460E Maritime Politics [CA2, EL to TOI-4, TOI-5]
NRE 1000E Environmental Science [CA3, EL to TOI-4, TOI-6]
NRE 2215E Introduction to Water Resources [EL to TOI-4]
NRE 3245E Environmental Law [EL to TOI-4]
NUSC 1165 Fundamentals of Nutrition [CA3 to TOI-6]
NUSC 1167 Food, Culture, and Society [CA4INT to TOI-2]
NUSC/AH 1030 Interdisciplinary Approach to Obesity Prevention [CA3 to TOI-6]
PATH 1100E One Health: People, Animals, Plants, and the Environment [CA3, EL to TOI-4, TOI-6]
PHIL 1101 Problems of Philosophy [CA1 to TOI-5]
PHIL 1103 Philosophical Classics [CA1 to TOI-2, TOI-5]
PHIL 1106 Non-western and Comparative Philosophy [CA1, CA4-I to TOI-2, TOI-5]
PHIL 1107 Philosophy and Gender [CA1, CA4 to TOI-3, TOI-5]
PHIL 1108E Environmental Philosophy [CA1, EL to TOI-4]
PHIL 1109 Global Existentialism [CA1, CA4INT to TOI-2, TOI-5]
PHIL 1175 Ethical Issues in Health Care [CA1 to TOI-5]
PHIL 2410 Know Thyself [CA1 to TOI-5]
PHIL 3212E Philosophy and Global Climate Change [EL to TOI-4]
PHIL 3216E/W Environmental Ethics [EL to TOI-4, TOI-5]
POLS 1002 Introduction to Political Theory [CA1 to TOI-5]
POLS 1202 Introduction to Comparative Politics [CA2, CA4-I to TOI-2, TOI-5]
POLS 3208W Politics of Oil [CA2 to TOI-4, TOI-5]
PSYC 1100 General Psychology I [CA3 to TOI-6]
PSYC 3104E Environmental Psychology [EL to TOI-4]
SPSS 1150/W Agricultural Technology and Society [CA3 to TOI-2, TOI-5]
SPSS 2500E Principles and Concepts of Agroecology [EL to TOI-4]
WGSS 2217 Women, Gender, and Film [CA1, CA4 to TOI-1, TOI-2; Intensive session approved]